Ways To Increase Parental Involvement

Using Technology to Communicate With Parents

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Using Technology For Parent Communication on Prezi

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Sometimes Parents and Teachers Feel like this video below:


Access-  Technology Can Give the Access to Increase Parent Communication

1. Email

Collect email addresses from parents at the beginning of the year

Send home a positive email for as many kids as you can

Return all parent emails within 24/48 hours

Keep all email comments objective and brief.

Do have email replace the “human” connection of phone calls.  Both are important!

2. Create your own website

Click Here for Josh’s Science Class Website

Free and easy site

Google Sites

On your website you can put all your class/homework assignments.

Give links to educational related resources for enrichment.

Create links to videos that will enhance the current topic you are teaching.

Take pictures in class and post on website.

On your website you can put up a video for tips for parents to be involved.

Click Here for Apps for Education Google Sites Link

3. Create a Blog

A. Create a blog about a particular unit in class with student’s work so parents can just access the URL.

Example:  For a class project I designed an activity in which students were working on creating graphs based on medals earned from previous Olympics and  the 2010 Olympics (The Olympics were on TV when I created that project).

Separately I created a blog in which students one post and then reply to at least two other student’s post.  (Of course, you would have to have already communicated with your students about “Netiquette” and make sure they know this is a class assignment.  They would have consequences for anything inappropriate. )

Get parents involved by sharing the URL

Click Here for Example of Winter Olympics Blog

Free and easy sites-

Word Press


You can do all the same that you would do on a website by posting classroom/homework assignments, video links etc.  But a blog allows for anyone to be able to post comments.  You have control to block comments made on word press.

Click Here for a Link on Blog Information Videos  for  WordPress

4. Create a Wiki

Use Wiki to share students work with parents.  Create a project or a portfolio assignment for students to complete.   Then during a parent conference you have easy access to show parents the student portfolio or classroom project examples.  (Or you can even just have them create a Wiki that is a journal for them in which they need to reflect on something they are learning in class, once a week.)

Free and easy site


Click Here for Mr. B’s Science Wiki

Click Here for an example of a Wiki on Wikispaces

A wiki is a collaborative idea in that many people can be involved in the creation process (ex wikipedia- largest wiki).

But once again you can use Wiki just like a website.

5.  Create a Twitter Account



Give your Twitter Username to all your Parents/Students

They can then sign up and follow you on Twitter

Anything you Tweet –  They will see!

You can Tweet there homework assignments

Click Here for Link to My Twitter Account

6. Create a Survey  -Know Your Audience

Free and Easy

Google Survey – Can give to all your parents through their email.

a.  Identify parents’ skills and interest.  Create involvement opportunities around those interests

b.  Involve parents in the evaluation process of the class or school.  Find out how parents feel the school or class is doing.  Make adaptations for major areas of concern.

Click Here for Google Apps for Education

7. Create an Animoto – Place it on your Website

It is a slide show communicating a story.  Free and Super Easy!!!


Click Here for Link to Animoto Video in a New Tab

8.  Prezi

It is just another form of a presentation as opposed to doing a Power Point.

Click Here for Prezi Link

9. Jing

It is a screencast photo or video.  You can record a 5 min message along with whatever is visible on your computer screen.

Jing Link


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